Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've been wanting to do this for a long time...

Today marks the time when I finally got busy and started the blog!  It may look tacky for a few weeks but give me time.  I will figure all of this out!  Here are some photos of recent projects!
 This is me.  You won't see many photos of me on here.  I'm a little camera shy!
 This is a recent baby-boy quilt made with the sickeningly cute Pooches and Pickups fabric!
And finally, a close-up of my crooked seams!  Ah well, when you wash it the crinkly goodness is irresistible!


  1. Does that mean I am your first comment ever? What an honor!

    Love those pickups. The whole quilt, really. Welcome to blogging!!

  2. Yes, you are my first comment and you are like a rockstar to me! This is my best day ever! Thanks!

  3. Please do keep blogging and sharing your projects and snippets of your life :)

    All the way from sunny Australia