Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sisters, Daughters, and Cousins

Last weekend's sewing projects were so girly!  First up was a dress for my daughter to wear in a wedding on March 23rd.  I know it seems a little last minute but I was afraid to do it too soon because of the rate at which she is currently growing:)   The bride's only specification was that she was to wear white, so this is what I came up with.  We loosely interpretted a pattern whose number I can't remember.  Then I did a lot of fitting and adjusting and ended up with this.  

This child has captured my heart in so many innumerable ways.  She brings me so much joy.  She is growing into such a marvelous human being.

Of course, then we had to shop for slip and shoes and under things!  It was pretty fun but my quilting bug was itching me something awful whilst I made the dress.  So we ended up the weekend (Sunday night) finishing these.

I think of them as cousins.  Girl cousins.  Playing dress-up.  
The matryoshka pattern is from bubble stitches available on etsy!
Monday night, I assembled their quilt top.  Apologies for the wrinkley photo!  As soon as she's quilted and the sun shines, I'll get a good picture!  I think she needs a name.  Something with cousins...

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