Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well blogging has surely suffered this summer!  We have had an excellent summer with lots of traveling and my son's summer baseball games.  We've been in 9 states this summer!  Plus, the state of bliss that happened while lying on the beach for a few weeks. We've been to two weddings, a concert, a musical, a baby shower, a week-long Fine Arts competition in Louisville, Kentucky, and the most amazing museum I've ever encountered, The City Museum, in St. Louis, MO.
  The quilt below was finished around the second week of July.  It is my absolute favorite.  It hasn't even crossed my mind to give it away.  It will forever be a family quilt.  I just made it twin sized but now I'm wishing that I'd made it king sized to fit my bed.  It is currently across the bottom of my bed but has also done a stint in the car (while traveling) and on the couch!  If I ever catch up on my other sewing projects, I'm going to make another one and it will be huge! I've affectionately named her, "Strings on the Line" as her photo shoot was on my Dad's clothesline!

 This quilt was made for my cousin and his wife who are expecting a little girl in October!  Her name is to be Layla Grace so I foundation pieced her name and added it to her quilt.  It's just random half-square triangles in the colors of her nursery.  I love things with names on them!  Maybe it is because I could never find my name (Randi) on anything as a child!  I may make name quilts for all the baby showers this year.  Maybe I'll start a trend....

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