Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Halloween Recap!

Well, Halloween is over again.  Somehow the costumes got made.  Macy's school decided to have storybook character day on Halloween so we decided she'd be Little Red Riding Hood and that could double as her Halloween costume.  The red wool cape with red and white polka dot lining was a BIG hit!  She said all the girls at school were begging to try it on which really made her day.

Tucker couldn't decide on a costume and was worried that he was too old for a costume and trick-or-treating so he dreamed up this orange shirt that says "costume".  I love his personality.  He's really learning how to be a smart aleck without being bad or getting in trouble (most of the time!)  I had an extra shirt and extra iron-on letters so I made Jerry this shirt!  He and Tucker went to The Freak Show at our church on Halloween night.  It is sort of a haunted house about the seven deadly sins and is pretty intense.  Jerry screams like a girl even when he sees a spider so I knew this shirt would suit him well for The Freak Show.

In other sewing news, I did finish and bind this quilt last weekend and finish nine boxed make-up bags in laminated cotton for Christmas gifts!  That plus the Halloween costumes...I was on fire.  Lest you think I'm great, I totally ignored my family for most of the weekend and got aggravated when they wanted me to cook!

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