Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where Did November Go?

It seems like I was just rejoicing over it being November and now it's practically over!  My mom says time speeds up as you get older.  I'm 38.  Is that older?  Here are some photos of the past week's projects.  I don't have tons to show because I've been busy decorating the house for Christmas and sewing costumes for our production of A Christmas Carol, and fixing Thanksgiving dinner, and shopping Black Friday sales!  I am, however, in the middle of an exciting project for a friend of mine.  She found a box of quilt squares and pieces that her great grandmother made and asked me to turn them into quilts for her grandchildren.  The squares have to be at least 50 years old.  They are kind of discolored and very dirty.  I've completed this quilt and have three more in the works.
Emma Jane Stamey-World's Greatest First Grade Teacher and my dear friend!
2nd quilt top backlit from the sun coming in my sewing room window!  My husband says he sees faces in this one!
I've also completed eight Christmas placemats that match my favorite Christmas dishes, The Twelve Days of Christmas by Rosanna Bowles.  I used these for Thanksgiving and only had eight at the table.  I'll get to the other four placemats eventually!

I've also completed a few more Farmer's Wife blocks but honestly, this may have to wait until after Christmas!

I know that this block is not right but it may stay this way anyway!  It's cute and I like it!
So that's about it for now!  All kinds of Christmas secrets are being kept at my house and I can't wait until everyone knows everything!  Things are stacking up to be extremely exciting!

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