Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year's Finish!

This quilt is the first finish of 2012!  Most of the work was done in 2011 but it was sandwiched, quilted, and bound on January 1, 2012.  It is for a dear friend of our family.  He is quite an artist and photographer and I was a little intimidated making this quilt as I feel it may be scrutinized and I can't sew a straight line to save my life!  This is my favorite photo of it.  Before I sandwich and quilt them, I love to hang them in front of the windows in my sewing room for the "stained glass" effect.  This time as I was standing on a chair to hang the quilt top, I steadied myself by leaning a hand on my sewing table.  The top of my sewing table promptly broke off of the base throwing me and both of my machines into the floor, upsetting all of my pins, scissors, bobbins, and junk, and smacking my head against the window frame!  Good thing I have a hard head.  I'm actually surprised the outcome wasn't worse.  Both machines are fine as am I.  The only casualty was the light bulb in the serger.  My great-grandmother used to say that for every stitch you put in on Sunday, you'd take out ten on Monday.  I think that's hogwash but I did have quite a few struggles yesterday while I was sewing on Sunday and her words did cross my mind:)

 Quilt top!
Finished Quilt!

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  1. Hey I just came over here from instagram as I couldn't get this quilt out of my mind! I think it is just beautiful and you did and excellent, excellent job! I find it funny that I commented that it looked like stained glass and then I read your blog talking about the 'stained glass effect'!

    I was wondering (and apologies if I missed it). What fabrics did you use? I was thinking of making something similar for my sister in law. This is a big deal for me as she has struggled to accept me as her sister in law since I married her younger brother nearly 8 years ago.

    Many thanks