Friday, January 6, 2012

This Week!

The sewing this week has really been suffering due to the return to my "real" job at the close of winter break. I have managed to sew something every day but sometimes it has been a very small something!
These are small indeed! I've never sewn hexagons before and I've never made a hand-quilted item before so this is the project that I chose as my New Year's resolution!  If I can muster up enough patience, I intend to hand piece and hand quilt this hexy flower project.  I'm not limiting myself by saying that it will become a quilt.  If I can't stand it anymore, it may just make it to pillow size!  I'm enjoying it so far and it's actually five flowers big now!  (I also have a hole in my finger from the needle!)
 I've also completed two more Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks.  The one above is block 34-Flock! (Notice the geese!)  And the one below is block 35-Flower Basket.  Flower basket about sent me over the edge as I've never appliqued anything before and the handle is appliqued.  I did learn something while constructing it so perhaps I am a better person for having done it.  The Farmer's Wife book comes with no instructions but I figured out that you have to applique the handle onto the triangle before you join it to the other large triangle to get the bottom parts of the handle to go into the seam!  (I know that seems obvious but I'm blonde.)
Here's hoping that the weekend brings bigger sewing projects to share!

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